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The Room Upstairs

Its hard to find a Shoegaze band in India…hell..till date I have seen none…never heard that layers of guitar resonating a feeling of warmth and escapism…

So I was taken by surprise when I came across “The Room Upstairs”…not only the band filed under Shoegaze…the band is actually a one man(..or a boy)’s army…

Aniruddha plays the guitar…predictably..he sings too… the rest is some willing-to-help gadgets..judging by the songs….that’s all he needs…

Songs like “The Atlantic”, “Under the sky” and the rest have one thing in common…melody…his voice is accent free and perfect for the genre. You wont be able to stop yourself appreciating Aniruddha when you hear the songs.

No solos….and Thank God for that… And he has only 3 friends in the list… It seems he is more interested in making music than promoting his guitar skills and songs..Bless him…

Finally..his songs are more closer to Slowdive than to My Bloody Valentine or Ride…They lack the noise rock aspect of Shoegaze…but…I am watching him…someday he might surprise us all….



The only way I could have started a blog on Indian Rock is by posting an article on Superfuzz…the band which radiates the brightest hope…sonically…

Their music is what “rock and roll” stands for… cool chord progressions, jumping rhythm section, a vocal that resonates passion and most importantly, unlike most bands in our country, the words actually mean something!!!

Sanchal can be as engaging as a frontman should be… as mean as it is needed when live… and as angsty as the songs require…his guitar playing is peppered with riffs which sound good even without the bass and drums..but I am not inferring solos are not his style…in fact far from it…his rendition of White Stripe’s songs will clear any doubt of his guitar prowess…he may not be a guitar god…but certainly more interesting than any present guitar god…

Nikhil is the perfect cure for the danger like Sanchal…bass guitar sounds down to earth anyways…but the way he plays…its more like keeping the music on a leash…

If its Rock n Roll..there got to be drums…here is the place where Aditya comes in…he effortlessly makes his drum sway with the groove…though he may not be a monster behind the drums…he is as good as a drummer of a tight garage/punk band.

But I must admit…their “influences” is quite audible in their music…it is really tough to not think of Nirvana, White Stripes or other garage bands, while you listen to them.(you may try not to think…tell me whether you succeeded..)

And it least for the moment..they are not much keen into experimenting…so they do have a making a album full of songs which sounds fresh…n non-repeatative…but many bands have faced that issue ealier..n critically or commercially solved it !! Superfuzz…as an awesome band as they are.. shouldn’t face any problem.

Glad to see a band like Superfuzz in India .. I really envy Delhi…no doubt..they are presently the best band in the country…

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