Demonstealer – And Chaos will Reign




Good things first…. Demonstealer knows his genre…not a single wasted note..or a single wasted minute… The songs are tight, the production is flawless…

Definitely something original from a metal band… Here is a guy who is not among the countless wannabes you see in a College Fest… He is really devoted to this kind of thrashy, edgy, highly distorted music… and like I said earlier in a review…when a band believes in its aspirations it shows… 


If I have to select the best track… it will be “And there is a calm before every storm”.. unlike anything you heard in the metal scene for a while…this song sounds like a storm building up…and the line “Destiny deceived us all” is the icing on the cake… brilliant.. 


Tracks like “Seething Pain that leaves no scar” and “In Desolation A Prayer” are standard metal songs that are way better than any Bhayanak Maut track ( I compared them to Bhayanak Maut cause metal heads remarked that they are the best metal band presently…in our country of course..) 


Now the complaints…a couple…so hear me out.. 


Firstly, the vocals…now I know these are metal songs..but the words seem muffled in many places…may be deliberately been done.. but still…its really hard to relate when the words are not audible..and unless one relates…there’s no repeat playing… 


Secondly, he has already crafted good metal songs with his band…when he is going solo…I was hoping that the music will be different from the normal stuff…And that’s why I just love the first track…It showed huge promise….sounded like those early goth albums from the 80s which are sorely missed now… 


Definitely an album to listen to and appreciate..and if you are a metalhead…it should be a no-brainer decision for you…

 Final Score : 3.9/5



Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art







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  1. 1 War Dog
    November 17, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Great Review .. Seething pain that leaves no scar is one of my favourite songs … Very nice effort by Sahil . One must appriciate his talent as he has done the entire album single handedly ( with a little help from friends ofcourse )

    As for BM … may be they have had enough of being labled as a copy of LOG .. i hear whispers that thier new album is going to shut some critics for good … just the windtalk 😉 .

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