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Sodium Trail (And The Current Beantown Voice) – Parachute XVI

Look at the album cover. Looks like an Alternative Band.

Look at the name of the band. Looks Alternative.

Look at the song titles. Looks Alternative.

Well…they are Progressive.

So what we got here, with Alternative looks and Progressive sounds? A completely original band with songs which will grip you and will not let go. The jams in each of the four songs in the EP will remind anyone of the Allman Brothers Band…but the beginning and the ends will remind you: that its more than a “southern jam”.

Sodium Trail is a fully developed EP which has little space of improvement in any department. With roping in almost 25 minutes…the songs show the band’s strengths, ideas, ambitions and weaknesses.

Ananth Menon’s guitar work is like an explorer. On beautiful soundscapes, the guitar walks slowly, sometimes run, sometimes wobble, sometimes stammer but all the while…going forward. Without his guitar, simply, cant imagine this EP. His voice though, sounds familiar. You have heard that voice and vocal delivery before in other bands (like “Galeej Gurus”? :D). But again, who cares?

Ganesh K’s bass riffs are easier to spot and far more groovier than its allowed to be in a progressive band. Which is good…no…great actually. The boringness which the progressive bands brought in the 70s which led to birth of punk and hard rock, is easily cured here by the riffs. The “Krptos” experience helped.

And the drums. Will a jam ever be energetic without the drums? Sachin Moogi knows it. He shows it. Whats amazing is the way the drums share the same urgency with the guitars. It simply amazing.

“Walk : Rewind” starts with a bang…goes on showing promise and ends with leaving you wanting more. “60 Watt Sun” picks up on your thirst, takes you on an optimistic joyride with subtle hints that not everything is alright. “05/04” is a slow tempo number. Midway, it picks up pace. (Which was weirdly predictable..not a good thing!). “Mobius Trip” is exactly what it says. A trip. Listen to it with the lights out. You will be seeing things.

Apart from the voice, the only other concern is the words. Though the outlook is way different than the rest..the words are not strong enough as the music.

Like I said in the beginning, the Alternative outlook helped.  They have kept the experimental factor alive, mixed it with southern rock and chose the channel of progressive. And gave us a stunning debut EP.

Rating: 3.9/5

You can download the album for free from their website. You can check them out on myspace too.



Murphy’s Law – Another Vertigo Rush


             Murphy’s Law states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”


             Is it the chords?? Or the guitar tones?? Barring few bands, everytime I listen to a song by an Indian band, the first reaction is, “Hey..the guitar sounds like that band we heard live last that know..the one with exorbitant prices..” Its distinctly Indian..which should be a good thing…only that it isn’t….


            Offering the album for free download is bold. An album which is better than a collection of “misjudged musical arrangements mistakenly assumed to be experimentation” (read Scribe’s Confect) makes this gesture even more laudable. Another Vertigo Rush sounds like a band who has already made it. The production is at par with any other studio album by a major label. In fact, the intelligent use of production is one of the freshest things in this album.


            While listening to the Murphy’s Law, if suddenly you remember the now forgotten “Significant Other” by Limp Bizkit, no one can blame you. Consciously or not, Akhil Sood’s guitar playing and Viraj Mohan’s vocal delivery do sound inspired by Wes Borland and Fred Durst (but with far better lyrics than Durst ever could). But it has become so uncool now to get inspired by Limp Bizkit.


            Om is the song which is regarded as their signature sound. The nomination of the song in the Best Rock Song Category at AVIMA 2009 should put all criticisms at rest. it turns out, there are better songs than Om in the album. Drop, The Vibe and Anger Management are songs which are better composed and fresher sounding than Om. Nikhil Rufus Raj’s bass sounds cannot be overlooked. They sound melodic and heavy. And it’s little doubt that Akshat Nauriyal and his drums are the reasons for their energy.


            The two experiments “Connect” and “Disconnect” do sound unlike anything we have heard, but one must remember, experiments which don’t end in fruitful results are called failures.


            This album is less of an album, but more of a glimpse of the interesting things which we can expect from Another Vertigo Rush. They do sound different. And keep a close watch on these guys. You might as well get rewarded. Musically.


Murphy’s Law by Another Vertigo Rush: 3/5


You can download the album here   Myspace

album art



Demonstealer – And Chaos will Reign




Good things first…. Demonstealer knows his genre…not a single wasted note..or a single wasted minute… The songs are tight, the production is flawless…

Definitely something original from a metal band… Here is a guy who is not among the countless wannabes you see in a College Fest… He is really devoted to this kind of thrashy, edgy, highly distorted music… and like I said earlier in a review…when a band believes in its aspirations it shows… 


If I have to select the best track… it will be “And there is a calm before every storm”.. unlike anything you heard in the metal scene for a while…this song sounds like a storm building up…and the line “Destiny deceived us all” is the icing on the cake… brilliant.. 


Tracks like “Seething Pain that leaves no scar” and “In Desolation A Prayer” are standard metal songs that are way better than any Bhayanak Maut track ( I compared them to Bhayanak Maut cause metal heads remarked that they are the best metal band presently…in our country of course..) 


Now the complaints…a couple…so hear me out.. 


Firstly, the vocals…now I know these are metal songs..but the words seem muffled in many places…may be deliberately been done.. but still…its really hard to relate when the words are not audible..and unless one relates…there’s no repeat playing… 


Secondly, he has already crafted good metal songs with his band…when he is going solo…I was hoping that the music will be different from the normal stuff…And that’s why I just love the first track…It showed huge promise….sounded like those early goth albums from the 80s which are sorely missed now… 


Definitely an album to listen to and appreciate..and if you are a metalhead…it should be a no-brainer decision for you…

 Final Score : 3.9/5…And+Chaos+Will+Reign…


Album Cover Art

Album Cover Art







Exhumation – Among the Dead


What’s the whole fucking point??? 


No.. seriously…somebody tell me…. What are they trying to do? 


The way death metal is treated….with all those fancy covers done with photoshop…is approaching the level of caricature. 


The songs on this album are no way better. 


I mean..we are listening to same kind of the same kind of vocals…to the same lyrical themes…for ages it seems now…Why should then anyone buy an album which has virtually no new thing to offer?? 


The guys have prowess .. I am not denying that…but ambition…who knows? Rock was never about being a part of a trend… its suppose to break the trend or create new one…When will they understand? 


And trust shows when the band is singing and performing with a vision which they believe very zealously… Exhumation don’t… 


“Nothing but misery” stands out for its chord change…but really… No reason to give this disc another spin…. 


If this band deserves kudos…its on the account that they kept every song around 3 minutes…. Kudos and cheers to that…(or BLOOD or TOMATO KETCHUP)… 


Their score on Individualism: 0

Their score on Originality: 0

Their score on following everything from the book “Recording Guide to A Metal Band”: 10

P.S. : In case you want to write a comment about this “pathetic” review, read this first


yea yea ...dead...graveyard

yea yea ...dead...graveyard






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