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The Power of Press


American Grunge was sweeping all over the world. Seattle was World’s Rock Headquarters. Bands who were not grunge, were not considered bands at all.

Understandably…some bands were pissed. Especially British bands.

Suede was formed in 1991, and they were supported by the press…Melody Maker, NME and Select to name a few.

When NME found out that Suede was left off the nominations at Brit Awards, 1992, they started a weekly campaign. The theme of the campaign being: Fuck the old Phil Collins, Rod Stewart and their cronies. We need new blood to perform at the Awards. And it should be Suede.

Their relentless campaign worked. Brit Awards organizers decided to let Suede perform. The song “Animal Nitrate” with its hidden sexual messages was performed. The sea of tuxedos looked uncomfortable in their chairs.

Brit Pop had its birth!

The song was released as single and it went to the Top Ten. People started noticing Blur, Oasis and countless other good bands.

And we, the listeners, got a chance to listen to absolutely amazing songs.

The moral of the story: Music magazines in our country should be more open about their support. They should try things which may not have done before. They need to convince the non that the bands in our country gets the attention.

Music Magazines….Are you listening? Do you have the power and the will to change the scene?


Jack Daniels Rock Awards

 It started out as a wonderful opportunity. I was having a close look…thinking..well who knows, may be we will see some surprises. Some obscure, yet unknown band will land up in the list..

 It wasn’t..

 All the nominees are those names which we already know.. Only a fool will say that they don’t deserve it..But it is really hard to imagine that there not enough good bands who have written better songs than them.

 But who am I to say anything? The rock music is still in such a nascent stage in this country that even a small effort (may be or may not be flawed) should be appreciated.

 If you want to vote follow this link..



hate hate hate (Exhumation Thread)

 ok… so is this a surprise? The only post in my blog which is against the accepted norms is the “Exhumation” album review… and it is attracting the most comments…

the main theme of the comments being “I suck at reviewing”… 

now…of course like any other person..i like comments.. and you are welcomed..but why the fuck..the other ones are not getting one? 

may be because.. (I may be wrong here)…people like to contradict.. and of course evryone knows me better than me and in fact more than me…

like one smart observer commented..”Clearly extreme music is not my kind”.. and what is this extreme?

I absolutely love bands like Big Black, Jesus and Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine.. and those are the real noise rock..the real extreme… im justifying here…and this is what it is..

if you want to comment on the Exhumation album review…feel free to write how i suck…and how i refuse to be parochial…but make sure..that you answer the questions i asked in the begining of the review..

I believe you are smart enough and have enough musical knowledge to answer those questions..



for them who somehow ends up in my blog… 🙂

I am unable to post any new matter for some time now… really busy on working on our first album…. recording is almost over…. working on track selection and designing…

will be back with more of my musings…

hv fun… rock and roll never dies.. just look at “the rolling stones”…

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