This page is dedicated to other sites and blogs which can be used to have a better understanding of where Indian Rock stand.

I will keep this page updating as and when I come across one.

1. indianrockmp3

This guy works so muck on his blog, it feels inspiring. He painstakingly  searches about bands, and uploads if he come acrosses any legal links to mp3 files. The blog is a great resource for any one who find it difficult to listen to songs of Indian Bands.

Whats more..he has even made a separate page for Metal links, and considering the popularity of this genre and the loyalty of the fans..this is a heavensent gift!!!

And regular updates are also available on new album releases and the buy links.

If you have any idea of the series of problems which an Indian Band has to face and you like to support the scene..this is one blog which you have to visit..even if this is the only blog you visit.

2. gigpad

In case you want to plan your days, keeping in mind the gigs you need to attend, this is all you need.

The gig calendar, is a meticulously done grid of all the upcoming shows from all over the country. Of course small gigs, with small unknown college bands are given a miss here. And unless those bands are your friends, even you won’t be complaining.

The huge number of members, make this site a powerful platform for any upcoming band. Regular news updates, album and gig reviews are also part of it. Plus the discussion board.

Get Gigging!


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