The ones who are doing their best…The almost “unsung heroes”…

Counter Culture Records:

Counter Culture

 Set up in 2007, this is one record label, whose artist rouster looks real Indie. Based in Mumbai, it is the home to Raghu Dixit Project, Brute Force, Skinny Alley, Pentagram, Zero and many more artists who are the waving the flags of Indian Rock.

 Official Site:

 Last.FM Page:

Blue Frog:

Blue Frog

 Based in Mumbai, in their own words, “BLUE FROG is a revolutionary, integrated music project in Mumbai, India. It consists of the country’s premiere live music performance club, four state-of-the-art music recording soundlabs, a music production house comprising top-notch composers, musicians and producers, and an independent record label & artist management service.”

 And they have success stories which can give musicians from India real hope. Like three of their albums have entered in Sales Chart of Planet M. This penetration of Indian Charts is a success story worthy of fairytale.  John Mclaughlin’s album “Floating Point” is nominated for a Grammy. This is a start. A worthy start.

  Their artist rouster, till now, includeas al established artists like  Shaa’ir+Func,  John Mclaughlin, Dhruv, Ashu and a few more.  So right now its not known whether they are open to unknown bands. 

Official Site:

Last.Fm Page:


Demonstealer Records:



 Based in Mumbai, this is an independent label which is considered a heaven for Metal and Extreme Metal bands. This is probably the only record label devoted to celebrate and promote the metal scene of this nation. 

 The rouster contains artists who are at the helm of Indian Metal like  Demonic Resurrection, Exhumation, Scribe, The Demonstealer, Skincold and other metal acts. 

 And they also release some albums free to download. And this shows why they are here in the first place. For the music.

 Official Site

 Last.FM Page:


Dogmatone Records:



 Based in Bangalore, this is a record level who is open to all genres of rock. In their own words,  “DogmaTone Records is a record label formed to promote rock bands and musicians, basically rock music (which includes all the sub-genres like Heavy Metal, Death, Black, Grunge, Alternative, Progressive, Blues, Nu metal, Punk,Psychedelic, Thrash, Hard Rock, Soft Rock etc.,), in India. We released a compilation album- “The First Mutiny-Dogmas of Indian Rock“, featuring 15 rock bands from across India .”

Listening to the promo sent (snippets of the songs), I must admit that the album sounds promising.

You can buy the album here.

Official Site:

Myspace Page:  


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  1. 1 Swaraj
    February 23, 2009 at 5:59 am

    hey.. you missed dogmatone records –

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